test18-19 March 2012--
A two day International Workshop “The Role of Governance in the Resolution of Socioeconomic and Political Conflict in India and Europe” led by Angela Liberatore, Director General Research, European Commission; Peter R. De Souza, Director, Indian Institute of Advanced Study; J. Peter Burgess, Peace Research Institute, Oslo; Oliver Richmond, Director, CPCS; Ranabir Samaddar, MCRG Calcutta; Samir K. Das, University of Calcutta; Jagdeep Chhokar, Association for Democratic Reforms; Amit Prakash, JNU; George Mathew, Institute of Social Science; Rajesh Tandon, Society for Participatory Research in South Asia; Navnita Behera, University of Delhi; Chetan Bhatt, Director, Centre for the Study of Human Rights, The London School of Economics and Political Science organized by UNESCO Chair for Peace, Malaviya Centre for Peace Research.
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